Homemade Grown-up Halloween Candy

Every afternoon around 3 p.m., my inner alarm goes off for dark chocolate and coffee.

When I saw this recipe on Multiply Delicious, I knew I was a goner.  It was around 3, I had coffee, but my chocolate stash was not looking great: half a bag of bittersweet chocolate chips and 2 squares of  85% dark Valrhona chocolate.  It was exactly the right amount to make these:

Dark Chocolate Java Cups


1378223_10152340190362575_1556887675_nI cheated a little and used what was left in a jar of Whole Foods almond butter (about 3/4 of a cup) instead of making my own almond butter from scratch.

I used a tartlette pan that I brushed lightly with coconut oil to prevent sticking, but I was convinced they wouldn’t turn out and would have to be chiseled from the pan in bits and pieces.

Instead, I found just dropping the pan on the counter a few times knocked them all loose and – to my amazement – they turned out looking just like Reese’s peanut butter cups.

They taste amazing and aren’t loaded with sugar, preservatives, and other general sketchiness, so pass on the kiddie Halloween candy and make your own this year.

As a bonus, your kids may not even be interested in them because they contain coffee.  (I know I HATED all things coffee-flavored as a kid.)

On last week’s “Sugar” Conference Call where I talked about my strategies for having a more sane and balanced approach to Halloween candy this year, I mentioned making cleaned-up versions of traditional treats. These were super easy to make and if you are already planning a strategy for Halloween so you don’t over-do-it on candy, these would be perfect!

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