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  1. Brenda on August 31, 2014 at 10:14 am said:

    I have Fibro, CFS, Epilepsy , Rotor cuff surgery on left arm. Partially came undone, I have a big hump on my shoulder, the bones in mt left wrist deteriorated, I had surgery to put in screws but took the pin out. Had fusion surgery in my back from S-1 – L4 -L5, didn’t do the pins and screws like I signed for him to do so in 5 yrs. we found through a bone scan that hardly any of it fused. It was in 1989 by Dr. Charles Branch, WFMC in W-S. I was 25 yrs old, now 55. Been on disability twice, once in 1997 but couldn’t handle it so went back to work then seizures started along with everything else so had to go back on disability in 2006. I limited to what types of exercising I can do but I never feel like doing them anyway. I’m not fat but I’m not well proportioned either. A little thick in the middle but I have a small frame. I read about how great you are on Facebook so I thought I would be a challenge for this lady and she would most likely love it. Help I look like a small apple. Thanks for your time, I live in Lexington, NC

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